Last month, the BMES APAC Leadership Team held the 2023 Annual APAC Strategy Meeting in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

    In a collaborative, three-day workshop, leaders from Japan, Singapore, India, Korea, Vietnam, China and Australia convened to discuss a wide-ranging selection of topics.

    Goals and action plans were put in place around areas such as: Elevating our value proposition and ensuring excellent global standards for client success, strengthening global partnerships, realigning our values, mission and vision, as well as reinforcing the effectiveness of our internal operational processes.

    Tony Moore (below), President of BMES, said: “We’ve been discussing all manner of strategic incentives that we can put in place for the next fiscal year, and that includes ways that we can really enhance our service offerings for our clients across the board.” 

    “We talked about the goals we want to set, targets that we want to achieve, budgets that we want to put in place—but most importantly really was that we got to know each other even better, sat around a table and discuss, that every opinion was heard… at I’m pretty confident that this will take us into the next two to three years of getting a bigger, even better, even more powerful company than we are today”, said Jonas Korbstein, Managing Director for APAC.   

    Victor Nwakanma (above), Chief Commercial Officer at BMES, spoke on the meeting’s progress. “It’s been a stellar few days of discussions, some sparring—always very friendly—but most importantly seeing the passion of our leaders for our business for the future of what Boyd & Moore would like to do and innovate in Asia, and also for the services we would like to be able to offer our clients, and how we can improve the services we do offer to hopefully be the benchmark setter for Executive Search and Executive Talent Solutions in Asia.”   

    We look forward to putting our plans into action in the coming months and entering into the new fiscal year with a shared clarity and vision for the future of BMES!

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