Assessments & Leadership Coaching

    It’s all getting the best from the right people.

    Assessing who you are as a leader and identifying what skills you need are both important aspects of Leadership Assessment and Coaching.

    Leadership Assessment and Coaching

    Leadership Assessment and Coaching

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    High-quality assessment is an effective tool for measuring skills, competencies, motivations, and behavioral predispositions.

    Their results can be used to provide insightful perspectives to promote strategic leadership self-awareness, as well as support decision-making and benchmarking to drive internal development programs.

    ​Leader review can be leveraged to inform onboarding strategy for executive talent and promote optimal team integration.

    What do Leadership Assessment and Coaching identify?

    How an individual relates to others when they are at their best, including insights into how they work, lead and communicate with those around them.


    Qualities that are most likely to emerge in times of increased strain. With awareness of such tendencies, performance risks can be recognised and mitigated.​


    The core values and interests driving what a leader strives to accomplish. This helps you recognize what motivates a candidate to succeed, as well as to what type of position and environment they are best suited.


    Cognitive reasoning and an individual’s ability to evaluate information, problem-solve, make informed decisions, and avoid repeating past mistakes.

    Types of Leadership Assessment and Coaching:

    Leadership Assessment and Coaching - Hogan
    Leadership Assessment and Coaching - Podium Assessments
    Leadership Assessment and Coaching - Gallup Strenghts Assessment
    Leadership Assessment and Coaching - PROPHET Profiling

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