Did you get a call from us?

    Your questions answered

    Why did I get a call?

    Our mission at Boyd & Moore Executive Search is to find the best talent available in the market. Through consistent research and relationship building we keep expanding our network to help connect our clients (some of the most successful startups and multinationals in the world) with exceptional people. Just like you.

    That you received a call from us means that we got aware of your profile and that we would love to get in touch with you personally to learn more about you.

    How did you get to know about me?

    If you’ve met in the past with one of our consultants your information is stored in our database. In addition, we rely on researching publicly available information (e.g. social media, company websites) as well as referrals and word of mouth from other professionals in your industry to identify outstanding talent.

    *Please note that we don’t disclose referees without their explicit consent.

    What if I couldn’t take the call?

    If you weren’t able to take our call – which we understand since we know that you’re very busy – please give us a call back or send us a quick email (contact@bmes.com). We won’t take much of your time. Just 5 minutes to introduce ourselves and learn more about your situation.

    Why should I call you back?

    We know you’re very busy but we promise that getting in touch with us won’t be a waste of your time. Our main goal is to share information with you regarding the state of your profession and industry so that you get a deeper understanding of your own market value as well as the opportunities waiting for you. From career counseling to reviewing your resume or preparing with you for interviews, we support you at every step of your professional journey.

    What if I am not looking for a job right now?

    Most of the professionals we meet are not looking for a new challenge in that particular moment. And we don’t rush them to. Our goal is to build strong, long-term relationships and provide valuable insights to our candidates and clients.

    The purpose of getting in touch with you is to share market information related to your profession and, more importantly, to get a deeper understanding of your situation and your ambitions.


    Because we don’t want to find you just any job. We want to help you make your next career move a perfect one – whether tomorrow or 10 years down the road. That’s why we won’t be spamming you with random opportunities you’re not interested in. Instead, by making sure that we deeply understand how your dream job, your dream company, your dream career looks like, we are able to reach out to you once we come across the best fit opportunity for you.

    Are there any strings attached to your service?

    There are no strings, no hidden costs or responsibilities attached to using our services as a candidate. All of our offerings, including career consulting and application support, are completely free of charge for candidates.

    If I didn’t get a call from you, does that mean I am not exceptional?

    Not at all. Our research capabilities and network might be mighty but not almighty. So please forgive us if you slipped under our radar and feel free to get in touch with us here.

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