A look Inside

We help our clients achieve success. We empower them by providing the connections and insights they need to pursue their ambitions and accomplish their goals. If they succeed, we do too.
We’re consultants by passion.

We begin by listening to understand our clients’ needs fully. Critical thinking and a curious mind enable us to solve even the most challenging problems and provide valuable advice.

We get thing done.

Once we’ve accepted a challenge we go all in. We strive for top performance and unrivaled quality in everything we do. We go above and beyond for the people we work with.

We believe in best-fit, not one-size-fits-all.

To help our clients we’re not afraid to get creative and do things differently. If there’s a better way of doing things, we’ll find it. We do business, but not as usual!

What you can expect

A Focus on Quality & Delivery

Our focus on Retained Search enables us to follow through on assignments from start to end and provide our clients with the best results possible while keeping our job volume low.

A Data-driven & Consultative Approach

Our strong research capabilities equip our consultants with the data they need to consult with clients on strategy and direction as equal partners.

Real Performance beats KPI Obsession

KPIs are great to learn the basics and get you on track. But they’re not everything. We appreciate innovative approaches and individual styles if results follow.

Flexible Working Style

At BMES, consultants do not only own their business but also their time. Flexible time arrangements and remote work (Senior Consultants and above) reward hard work and results.

Non-Corporate Startup Culture

Beach sandals in the office, beers on Fridays and fun company outings. Of course, we take business very seriously. But ourselves? Not so much.

Awesome People

We’re a diverse crowd of professionals who go above and beyond for the people we work with. Whether clients, candidates or colleagues, we always strive to help others reach their full potential. And we’re just fun to work with.

What we expect

BMES consultants come in many different forms and shapes. However, there are some common traits that we all have in common:

Bulletproof Resilience & Motivation

Strong Sense of Ownership & Entrepreneurial Spirit

Optimistic & Positive Attitude

Excellent Time Management & Prioritization Skills

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