Business Development Specialist

Business Development Specialist

Your tasks and responsibilities

1. Sourcing Key Decision Makers
You will be mainly researching key decision makers from a given set of target companies who have the potential to become clients in the future. You will be mainly using LinkedIn, company websites, news articles and other online resources for your research.

2. Market Mapping Research
You will be also asked to research about potential companies we could target following the business development strategy provided.


Here’s what’s in for you

  • International environment with strong career growth and learning opportunities
  • Fun company events and trips
  • No night shifts, great work-life balance

Is that you?

  • Sound knowledge of industries and product lines including merger and acquisition
  • Willingness to learn more about new industries and product lines
  • Experience in similar role
  • Expertise in Boolean searches

Employee Stories

Learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities you will be given as a Translator by listening to actual BMES Consultants and their stories.

Creating processes, together

The most interesting part for me was the job I got offered. It was a stand-alone role for a completely new project. I was told that I would be working for one particular client using their data system and taking care of their database. That sounded exciting…

From research assistant to team leader

I didn’t have much knowledge about the recruiting industry. I only had experienced the candidate side with domestic agencies which was a straight forward process: You’d go to a recruiter, get sent to company, get the job, end of story. But Boyd & Moore was completely different…

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