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Boyd & Moore Executive Search (BMES) provides data-driven talent and leadership solutions to organizations of all sizes in APAC to help them hire the right people, faster and with more confidence. The heart of our research operations – the Boyd & Moore Intelligence Center (BMIC) – is located in Pune, India. Consultants, Researchers and Data Specialists work side by side to support our clients’ hiring activities.

As a team we get things done and go above and beyond for the people we work with. We enjoy finding smart solutions to tricky challenges, continuously improving the way we work and growing ourselves day by day.

If that sounds like you (or the future you you’re striving to be) find out more about how we work, what our colleagues say about their experiences at BMES India and – most importantly – if we would be a great fit for you and vice versa.

BMIC Stories

Creating processes, together

The most interesting part for me was the job I got offered. It was a stand-alone role for a completely new project. I was told that I would be working for one particular client using their data system and taking care of their database. That sounded exciting…

From research assistant to team leader

I didn’t have much knowledge about the recruiting industry. I only had experienced the candidate side with domestic agencies which was a straight forward process: You’d go to a recruiter, get sent to company, get the job, end of story. But Boyd & Moore was completely different…

A decade of supporting excellence

Frankly speaking, I couldn’t believe that they would actually work on an international level (laughs). Anyways, the compensation was good and the commute short, so I thought I’d give it a try and if I didn’t like it I could always leave.

Keeping it genuine

Everybody wanted me to become a caller (I guess because they figured that I am a talkative person) but I didn’t want to. I felt that I needed some peace and quiet…

Pushing limits to achieve greatness

I thought it would be just another recruiting company, similar to the ones I had experienced before. But then, when going through the interview process I recognized that things were different at the BMIC.

A job too perfect to leave

The first months were filled with surprises and doubt. I didn’t think that we would actually recruit for the Japanese market as I was told during the interviews. I mean, how was I supposed to talk to them or convince them to trust me?

Mr. Consistency

I realized that I would be able to go to Tokyo if I’d just work hard enough. Compared to the company I had worked in as an engineer the career chances and the speed in which I could reach my goals were so much better at BMES…

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