Onsite Consultant

Experience and improve hiring on the ground

Onsite Consultant

Experience and improve hiring on the ground

Your tasks and responsibilities

You will be managing the 360 degree recruitment lifecycle on-site from project kick-off to candidate closing.

Your main responsibility will be to consult with the client on how to improve their hiring process and drive results effectively. This includes sharing best practices, optimizing the candidate experience and reducing total time to hire.

In addition you will be proactively sourcing, screening and qualifying candidates to determine best matches in terms of skill set, background and culture fit. You will use your existing network, various databases, referrals as well as other creative ways to identify and engage new candidates.

Another important part of this role is stakeholder management to ensure that the hiring process runs smoothly and efficiently from end to end.


Here’s what’s in for you

  • Flexible approach that leaves you the freedom to apply your creativity to deliver results (as long as the client is happy)
  • Great insights into various in-house recruitment processes including those of some of the world’s largest and most successful companies
  • More influence over decisions made on the client side
  • Fantastic stepping stone for advancing your career in internal recruiting
  • Competitive commission system
  • 15 days of holidays + 5 days sick leave
  • A diverse and fun environment
  • Company outings, awards and parties

Is that you?

  • Excellent customer relationship and/or stakeholder management skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills as well as a systematic approach to work (you will be managing 20-30 positions at a time)
  • Proactive, consultative mindset
  • Versatile and adaptive to be able to work smoothly with many different clients
  • Fluent Japanese, Business English
  • Experience in recruitment (internal or agency side) desirable

Your contact for this role

Ken Shukuya, HR Specialist

Coming from a background of working in a larger sized Contingency Firm himself, Ken does not only understand the dynamics of an Executive Search firm like Boyd & Moore Executive Search but also knows how unique we are in terms of our approach. This experience as well as his bicultural upbringing in England and Japan enables him to provide you with the best support possible whether you’re a junior looking to get into the industry or an experienced Consultant who’s looking for the right place to grow your business.

Employee Stories

Learn more about the opportunities and responsibilities you will be given as an Onsite Consultant by listening to actual BMES Consultants and their stories.

Now or Never

Now or Never

I felt that Boyd & Moore was doing something different from other call centers. I wasn’t quite sure what, but I was curious enough to give it a shot and join.

Mr. Consistency

Mr. Consistency

I realized that I would be able to go to Tokyo if I’d just work hard enough. Compared to the company I had worked in as an engineer the career chances and the speed in which I could reach my goals were so much better at BMES…

Consultant by passion

Consultant by passion

The Medical & Healthcare was still very small when I joined BMES. Actually, it was just one person with only 8 months of consulting experience. To be honest, the first year wasn’t easy…

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