BMES Assist a Digi Entertainment Tech Firm Hire a New Regional VP In 10 Days

The Client 

The Client is a NASDAQ-listed digital entertainment technology firm based in the States. With limited time and budget, they needed to replace their Sales VP in  the region.

The Challenge 

Before connecting with us the Client had just conducted a search and made an offer for the role to someone within their network; the offer was rejected by the candidate for being too low. They had limited budget and their requirement was to put together a shortlist of candidates within 10 days to meet their executive team visiting from HQ. The Client requirements were exacting and candidates needed the following: experience with licensing, overseas business, a successful track record in sales, an exceptional record of team building, and an MBA.

Our Solution 

We brought together a team of four researchers to work on this through to completion. Through a combination of approaching our pre-existing network in the digital media sector, market mapping to identify additional candidates from the space, and expanding on both through referral gathering, we were able to identify three candidates who met all requirements and passed all preliminary interviewing. The Client had an initial belief that the candidate should be above 45 years old but ultimately agreed that the 39 year old high potential candidate we put forward was the most suitable candidate for the role. The candidate was offered, hired, and eventually promoted to President of the region after three years.