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    Delivering on niche assignment for #1 consumer electronics company

    The Client

    The top consumer electronics company in the world was looking for a Senior Carbon Materials Engineer to move to their HQ to work on a key project.

    The Challenge

    The challenge presented by the client was to find an engineer with exceptional technical skills and experience with electronics and a very specific type of carbon material. He would need to be willing to move to the US HQ and would also need to hold his own in an extremely demanding international environment.

    The pool for this kind of candidate would be situated in just a few areas across the globe. The search was highly niche and would pull from an extremely conservative pool of candidates, most of whom would simply not be interested in the opportunity or meet the communication and cultural requirements.

    Our Solution

    With the client we discussed the difficulty of finding such a candidate in Asian domestic markets as the type of engineers qualified would typically be situated in small companies in remote parts of Japan and Korea. We agreed the search would require a dedicated long-term brute force search approach to adequately cover the territory needed to identify a qualified candidate willing to make such a move.

    Over a period of 6 months a research team of 5 people mapped out companies in numerous prefectures throughout Japan and Korea and methodically worked through them before coming across the right candidate.

    The successful candidate fulfilled all client expectations and was eventually hired out of a 10 person company in a highly rural part of Korea. We went on to become one of the client’s most trusted partners in the region.

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