Diversity & Inclusion Search Solutions

Innovate through difference.


Key enabler of a learning-driven company culture & strong employer brand

Better decision making

Diverse teams outperform individual decision-makers up to 87% of the time

More innovation

Diverse organizations are 1.7 times more likely to be innovation leaders

Better employee moral and engagement + improved employee retention

Helps create a company culture of mutual respect, appreciation and learning

Better representation of your customer base

Increase changes of identifying and solving real-world problems

Positive impact on employer brand

67% of job seekers factoring in an organization’s stance on diversity

Diversity-focused Search Solutions

Let us help you find the best talent for your organization wherever they may be.

Dedicated consulting and research team
Full transparency and mutual accountability
Diversity strategy consulting & project planning support
Strong brand messaging and consistent market approach

Diversity Search Service Flow

Identify key positions for which diversity has priority


Decide service (talent search, market mapping etc.)


Define target companies / profiles


Set diversity-focused KPIs for mutual accountability


Define target companies / profiles



Real results instead of lip service

We provide you with weekly comprehensive virtual check-ins as well as clear diversity focused KPIs to ensure

Diversity KPI Examples

Additional Service Options

Beyond Diversity Search Solutions we provide you with a variety of additional services to integrate Diversity & Inclusion into every aspect of your hiring process.

Diversity training and ongoing quality assurance for hiring managers
Hiring process & strategy consulting
Bias-free resumes
Candidate experience survey (interviewed candidates)
Bias-free JD creation
Diversity-focused thought leadership content co-creation

Sample Client Cases

Over the past 2 decades we have worked with many clients in APAC and Japan on diversifying their organizations.

How diverse is my target talent pool?

A US-based retail MNC was looking for a new General Manager in Japan. They required a female candidate in order to diversify their organization. They were also wondering whether they should hire a Japanese or non-Japanese individual to ensure culture-fit.

To provide the client with the insights into the available talent pool they targeted, we put together a project team of one lead consultant and 2 researchers who delivered a Diversity Report of the market within 2 week’s time.

As a result, we found that there were only a few female candidates in leadership positions within the client’s space and many of those female candidates weren’t interested in the position the client offered.

These insights helped the client to adjust their target pool and profile beyond their initial comfort zone to make a successful hire.

Onboarding a diverse superstar

A global pharma company was looking for a female CIO from outside of the industry. We put together a dedicated research team to identify candidates from financial institutions and GAFA companies with top technology practices.

However, most of the candidates who fit the profile weren’t reluctant to move into the pharma industry – an issue that got further elevated by the limited budget the client was able to allocate to this role.

Despite those challenges, we were able to identify a Chinese female individual who had worked for one of Japan’s biggest trading firms and ticked all boxes. Within only 18 months after on-boarding, the client promoted her due to her outstanding performance.

Sample Client Case - Diversity Report

Over the past 2 decades we have worked with many clients in APAC and Japan on diversifying their organizations. Here’s how a the key insights of a market report could look like.

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