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    Electronics firm needed a Talent Acquisition VP to drive major hiring initiative

    The Client

    The leading US-based electronics company in the world needed a VP for Talent Acquisition – someone capable of managing large teams, building program for vendor management and direct sourcing, and able to slot in above an incumbent.

    The Challenge

    The client required a person who could partner with senior internal stakeholders and drive internal consensus, while managing egos and pushing back where necessary.

    The organization was culturally not in tune with the more aggressive DNA of company as a whole, and the local talent pool lacked the kinds of candidates who could perform to the exacting expectations of the global hiring team. For this hire we would need to manage expectations of multiple stakeholders regionally and globally, each with differing views on candidate and role expectations.

    The client had originally farmed the search to several other agencies and had been given various ideas about the market that were contradictory and frequently not in line with realities on the ground. More importantly they had not been able to find candidates who met expectations.

    Our Solution

    The client agreed that a more organized and methodical search approach was required and retained it with us.

    Our research team mapped the market covering off similar industries and extending out to secondary industries like CG and Banking where we’d more likely encounter candidates of similar culture and fast-paced work environments.

    The results of this research suggested that we could improve the pool of candidates by extending the search out-of-region for candidates who had worked in-region in the past. This push helped us identify someone in the UK who not only had the appropriate regional, work, and cultural experience, but was someone who spoke 3 of the key regional languages.

    The candidate and his family relocated and has enjoyed superior reviews by the client since coming on board.

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