BMES & EpoCh: Leadership Solutions

    Specializing in HR management services, EpoCh Ltd. is a Japanese company that offers organizational, coaching, and HR-building solutions to its clients. EpoCh underscores the significance of prioritizing employees and leveraging their strengths as a foundational element in supporting the sustainable growth of client companies.

    Epoch Management Solutions helps their clients with the organizational structure of the company, helping to build HR capabilities, and strengthening leadership through executive coaching.

    BMES has partnered with EpoCh to successfully build on our existing leadership coaching and assessment services.

    Working with EpoCh Leadership Solutions: Key Capabilities


    • Talent Review & Succession Planning
    • 1on1 Feedback & career dialogue
    • Organizational Culture
    • OD (organizational development) approach
    • Engagement tactics
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion tactics
    • Implementation of organizational Purpose, Mission, Value formulation, etc


    • Mentor to CHRO of global company or HR leaders in MNC
    • Support as an CHRO function to Start-up company
    • Accompaniment to HRBP functions/people
    • Review HR organization
    • Implementation of HR Vision & Mission
    • HRBP organization design and implementation
    • Identify and develop future HR leaders



    • Accompaniment to Leadership members & management
    • Accompaniment to Expats & Leaders in MNC
    • Accompaniment to CHRO and CxO
    • Mentorship to the manager layer
    • Accompanying people who aim to become CHRO or HR leaders
    • Personal Partnering to Senior Leaders

    Example Case


    The Client, a major big IT firm, requires a professional People & Organizational Advisory, and EpoCh has been their `Executive Advisor’ since June 2023. Main tasks are:

    • To identify the root causes of engagement issues across the organization and to provide professional advice to plan and create concrete action plans to improve their employees’ engagement
    • To support and implement `Succession Planning’ exercise to identify and develop internal future potential talents to the leadership role
    • To accompany to an HR senior leader who aims to be a future CHRO as a practical mentor.

    These three tasks can be delivered in parallel on a bi-weekly basis.

    • EpoCh assists The Client to facilitate their Organizational Culture transformation process with both of top-down and bottom-up approach and collaboration based on several successful case studies from much experience of MNC.
    • EpoCh advises to implement internal Talent Review process together with Succession Planning flow from scratch based on much knowledge and practical exercises as ex-CHRO and ex-HR Director in the global companies.
    • EpoCh accompanies a future HR leader as a `personal partner’ that matches his/her condition and goals so that he/she can get the ideal state of mind/motivation to move forward and maximize his/her potentials with uniqueness based on our own experience of both HR leader of MNC and CHRO of Japanese listed company.

    For all solutions above, one of the EpoCh’s key strengths is not a single consultation but a practical accompaniment to people and organization as a change agent based on both of theory and experience.


    One of the challenges is that most senior leaders and managers in the organization has less experience and knowledge on People & Organization strategy and tactics, however, that makes EpoCh special and valuable to The Client to be accompanied through healthy dialogue and discussion.


    Some concreate action plans with both of ‘quick-wins’ and `mid to long-term solutions’ on improving engagement has been created and implemented to the wider organization to drive The Client to be a Talent Attraction company which eventually helps to improve engagement score significantly.

    Also one of the future HR future leaders has been just promoted to Vice HR Director with much confident based on a few month’s continuous mentor exercise. He would like to this relationship even after he becomes to CHRO in the future.

    EpoCh Leadership Solutions

    Introducing: EpoCh Leadership

    EpoCh Leadership Solutions

    Ryosuke Endo

    CEO of EpoCh Ltd.

    After working as a Consultant at Hudson, Ryosuke joined Boehringer Ingelheim in 2005 to start his HR career. After experiencing Talent Acquisition and HRBP (HR Business Partner), from 2010 he became HRBP at American luxury consumer goods company Ralph Lauren, and from 2012—2019 worked with two major British consumer goods companies—Reckitt and Dyson—as HR Director. In 2019, Ryosuke was appointed Executive Officer of the Global CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) role at JAC Group, a Japanese listed global recruitment company. He founded EpoCh in March 2023. He is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach.

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    Amrit Warraich

    Business Development Manager, APAC & Japan

    Boyd & Moore Executive Search