EpoCh's Strategic Guidance Transforms Consulting Firm's HR Development and Leadership Strategy


    Case Study Task

    The Client, a major Consulting firm, required professional Organizational & Talent Development advisory, and EpoCh has been their Strategic HR Advisor since October 2023. 

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    Ryosuke Endo

    Founder & CEO, EpoCh Ltd.

    The main tasks were:

    The Challenges

    For all of the solutions above, one of the key benefits of EpoCh’s solutions is the use of accompanying an organization and its people through practical action deliveries and strategic planning. Not just a single consultation, but a practical accompaniment to people, acting as a change agent by providing both of theory and practical action deliverables.


    One of the typical challenges is that most senior business leaders in organizations have less experience and knowledge regarding People & Organization strategies and tactics, and HR teams have less experience dealing with conflict management and assertion with business leaders, placing several mental biases and barriers between them. 

    The Result

    EpoCh Leadership Coaching has been a Strategic HR Advisor to this client since October 2013. Many future potential talents have been identified through the newly implemented ‘Succession Planning’ system and flow in Q1, 2024. 

    Each potential talent is now equipped with mentor program opportunities, which started from April 2024. Now, EpoCh accompanies Talent Development teams in the HR Division on a bi-weekly basis to monitor how these actions are effectively proceeding and to help improve and adapt when necessary. 

    Talent Development teams are now well equipped in terms of HR tactics, as well as mental agility, which helped increase confidence within their functions. Additionally, EpoCh also acts as an external mentor to two selected future leaders from business functions on a bi-weekly basis.

    EpoCh’s strong business acumen—based on over 10 years’ business leader experience in some global companies—as well as their strong understanding of the Client’s internal situations, makes mentoring assistance extremely effective and practical. 

    Additionally, one of the future HR future leaders has been just promoted to HR Senior Director, and is equipped with more confidence based on a few month’s continuous 1:1 coaching and mentorship. He would like to continue this relationship in to the future. 

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