The past year was an eventful one for BMES. We have made both operational and leadership changes and rolled out new solutions to better serve our clients. To mark the end of the year, we would like to reflect on some of the key milestones from 2023.  

    APAC Leadership Meeting

    In April of this year, the APAC leadership team gathered in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, to hold the annual APAC Strategy Meeting. The collaborative threeday workshop saw leaders from Japan, Korea, China, Australia and Singapore come together to discuss a selection of topics. Goals and action plans were put in place around areas such as: elevating our value proposition and ensuring excellent global standards for client success, strengthening global partnerships, bolstering our values, mission and vision, as well as evaluating and adjusting the effectiveness of our internal operational processes.  

    Putting a Plan into Action 

    After deeply considering the needs of clients and companies in the APAC region, the leadership team implemented new talent solutions to enhance our services.  

    Employer branding solutions were put in place to provide clients with on-brand materials to support in search projects. High quality candidate briefing packages created by BMES marketing professionals help to pitch the company as a potential employer to prospective candidates. The candidate briefing packages contain enhanced job descriptions, as well as further information about the company as an employer. Since the roll out of employer branding materials and services, we have received very positive feedback and are looking forward to continuing to develop these services in 2024. 

    In addition to EVP support, we have added Performance Assurance to our services. As a way to ensure success for all the clients we work with, candidates that are shortlisted for a role will be evaluated by professional assessors and coaches, and provided with comprehensive and advanced coaching by our preferred partners— niu:viu international, EpoCh Ltd., and Kay Group Asia— as well as our qualified APAC leaders. Our Performance Assurance model ensures that the goals and success of each executive hire are inextricably linked between client, candidate and BMES for the crucial first 12 months of each engagement.

    Leadership Change

    Toward the end of this year, we announced a notable change in our APAC Leadership Team. Sunita Nair, Country Manager for our India establishment for the past 5 years, stepped into the role of Managing Director for APAC, utilizing her extensive industry and market knowledge, as well as her deep understanding of the BMES brand and journey.  

    My vision is for BMES to be the ideal partner for our clients, working collaboratively to meet their needs and provide top-notch services, leaving a lasting global imprint.

    Sunita Nair

    New Partners

    Throughout the year we acquired two new partner companies to work with on our strengthened Leadership Coaching & Assessment services.  

    EpoCh, Ltd. is an organization and talent solutions company based in Tokyo. CEO, Ryosuke Endo, has a wealth of experience, working as the Global CHRO to 12 countries across the globe at JAC Group, and worked in Senior HR positions at major global companies such as Dyson, Reckitt, Ralph Lauren and Boehringer Ingelheim to name a few.  

    Another partner that has been signed on is Germany-based Leadership Coaching consulting company niu:viu. CEO & Founder, Maria Riolo, has an extensive and impressive career in the European and Asia Pacific markets. We are looking forward to seeing how this partnership can better serve our clients in the wider APAC region. 

    Joining forces with BMES in the leadership solutions space is a great opportunity to present an integrated portfolio for our clients in the development of their leaders, teams, and organizations. Clients with a presence in both Asia-Pacific and Europe will benefit from the combined cross-industry knowledge and cross-regional presence that BMES and niu:viu international can offer. I look forward to making this partnership a success.”

    Maria Riolo

    Looking to 2024

    As we look to the year ahead, we are excited to utilize our talent solutions and offerings and work even closer with our acquired partners, and both existing and future clients, on executive search, market mapping, interim, assessments and talent advisory projects in both Japan and the wider APAC region.  

    A very big thank you to all our colleagues, clients and friends for their continued support throughout 2023. 

    Happy holidays!  

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