Boyd & Moore Executive Search has partnered with KINT, a high-touch situation management firm head-quartered in Paris.

    Leveraging expert assessment methods, market intelligence, and a collective network of highly qualified professionals, the BMES|KINT partnership further strengthens our capacity to  deliver robust interim executive solutions across APAC and Europe.

    The name ‘KINT’ is derived from ‘Kintsugi’, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Working closely with their clients, KINT establish long-term solutions to business challenges and implement the right solutions for growth.

    By leveraging a wealth of leadership consulting expertise with a value for people development, quality, and speed, our clients throughout APAC and Europe will be able to hire best-in-class executive talent to fill any leadership gap within days.



    Meet the KINT Team

    “We came across Boyd & Moore after a client asked us to support them in Japan, a market where KINT has had no base. When working with Boyd & Moore we experienced them as great, pragmatic, proactive and all in all very friendly professionals. Thanks to them, we could help that particular client successfully and now we are seeking a more long-term partnership with Boyd & Moore. This partnership will enable KINT to propose a very qualitative arm in APAC.”

    Igor Quezel-Perron

    KINT Service Offerings


             SITUATION          MANAGEMENT


    Connecting your organization with high-performing Situation Managers, experts in the implementation of long-term strategic solutions, operational stability, and high-quality business results.



    By leveraging the power of Map & Match and Hogan Testing, KINT selects the right person to accomplish the goals of your organization. KINT consultants continue to work closely with that person throughout their mission.

           EXECUTIVE       SEARCH


    Premium executive recruitment performed through a complete, targeted search across your competitors and ideal target markets, qualitative screening, and candidate benchmarking.

    BMES | KINT Partnership


    Connecting you with the RIGht people


    Whether strengthening existing operations or building new business across  APAC and Europe, our premium hiring support attracts and engages the talent you need.


    Delivering robust consulting solutions


    With the collaborative power of Boyd & Moore’s internal research engine and KINT’s assessment methodology, we combine real-time market data with specialist consulting to achieve powerful results.


    strategy and advisory partners


    With a combined 50+ years of experience across APAC and Europe, we offer high-quality consulting services guaranteeing peace of mind from start to finish.


    BMES Points of Contact


    Victor Nwakanma BMES Consultant
    クリス シェラー 契約採用 

    Victor Nwakanma

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Chris Scherer

    Vice President & Head of Interim Solutions