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    Network vendor needed help with their stalled regional VP search

    The Client

    A leading vendor in the network technology space, servicing telecommunications service providers globally required a regional VP Sales. They had been looking for over a year already but couldn’t find a suitable individual.

    The Challenge

    The client was experiencing difficulty with certain senior members of their regional team and needed a VP-level executive to lead it. Revenue and growth numbers were generally strong, but political issues and imbalance in market coverage would likely hinder further growth.

    The client had a very specific set of parameters for the candidate to meet: hi-level relationships within key target telecommunication service providers and system integrators in the region, a strong understanding of the client’s technology space, and most importantly, excellent management capability to take over the existing operation while retaining its key members.

    The search had been unsuccessfully conducted with another agency just a year prior, and this presented 2 complications: most suitable candidates had already been approached for the role and a perception had taken hold in the market that the role and company were undesirable.

    Our Solution

    The client selected Boyd & Moore Executive Search for this engagement for 3 reasons:

    1. our network and our depth of industry knowledge and experience
    2. our capability to research and identify all qualified candidates in the market
    3. our reputation within much of the Client’s target pool of candidates

    We were able to leverage our reputation in the industry and thus within the candidate pool to gain credibility for the assignment. Because of the scale of resources dedicated to the assignment, we were also able to significantly expand the candidate pool. We successfully identified a candidate who had superior industry connections, relevant product experience, a track record of very successful team building and management, and had just become available in the market.

    Upon joining he demonstrated leadership skills and a deft touch in managing and refocusing what had become an increasingly dysfunctional business over the previous year.

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