Completed: Head of Compensation and Benefits for Major Insurance Firm

BMES are happy to announce that our Consulting team specializing in Back Office HR has successfully identified and placed into Japan’s largest MNC insurance firm a new Director of Compensation and Benefits (C&B). Our Client required an individual capable of delivering on major projects related to compensation scheme and internal hiring system overhauls. In addition, the chosen candidate would need to be able to manage the company’s C&B program for 5,000+ employees and oversee any C&B changes required following new company mergers and acquisitions.

We were looking for a specialist with substantial depth of experience, who could act as a Change Agent and Influencer, and who possessed experience working within large organizations. He or she would also need strong English ability, overall communication skills, and an ability to confidently advise senior management in order to steer highly sensitive initiatives related to company-wide earnings and benefits.

There were several factors limiting the number of eligible candidates in the market, including a lower number of high-level English speakers amongst C&B specialists compared to the overall field of HR professionals. Furthermore, most C&B specialists prefer to transition their careers into Head of HR roles rather than remain as specialists.

We mapped out approximately 100 candidates who might potentially fit our Client’s requirements and in the end identified a seasoned HR professional with over 20 years of experience as a C&B and Employee Relations specialist. He was selected due to his superior communication skills and past experience leading major change around C&B strategies. Despite being Head of HR in his three prior roles, the candidate was highly motivated by the challenge represented by this Head of C&B role and the opportunity to report directly into a global Chief Human Resources Officer.