Completed: Japan President for Global Fault Tolerant Server and Software Vendor

Our Client required a president to head the launch of a new software offering in Japan. They required a shortlist of successful business executives within forty-five days, candidates capable of driving 20-30% growth of both HW and open source SW.

The Client required candidates with a sales background specifically related to servers and software,  able to manage teams upwards of 150 people, having  experience overseeing a P&L over 80 million USD.

Over 6 weeks our map of the market produced a list of over 60 prospective candidates from which we delivered our final shortlist.  Of the 5 shortlisted candidates, 3 had been executives within the client’s closest direct competitor.

The Client expressed gratitude for the quick and precise results we delivered, remarking on the thorough and transparent mapping and reporting process. We are currently working on additional assignments with the Client across the Asia region.