Placed: Sales and Marketing Leader for Osaka-based Medical Device Firm

Our Life Sciences team has successfully found a Sales and Marketing head for a multinational manufacturer of surgical devices and other medical equipment. This will be their first-ever female leader for their senior management team. 

The Client had struggled in the past with finding solid senior-level candidates on their own and were dealing with challenges associated with a previous mis-hire for the same position. The main obstacle to this search was the limited talent pool qualified for the role and willing to relocate to the company’s HQ in Osaka. Because the role would not sell itself we spent a great deal of time framing the opportunity and company in a way that would successfully create a desire to consider the role and enter the interview process. We also advised the client on key ways they could optimize the candidate experience throughout the process.

The Client was very happy with the results of the search, the level of candidates put forward, and the final candidate that they selected. Going in, the Client had wanted to find a strong leader who would not only bring an international mindset to their team but add diversity to their senior management team. The newly selected Sales and Marketing head possesses a charismatic personality and strong management experience. In addition, she has an abundance of international experience, having spent ten years based in the US.