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Perfect Timing – Helping an ambitious professional become VP in a global healthcare MNC

General Manager
Healthcare MNC

Having spent his entire career working for healthcare organizations, the Candidate is a thoroughbred professional in the field. In 2017, he was looking for his next big challenge.

“I was searching for a senior management position in healthcare. My highest priority was not so much about the title. I thought that a Country Manager position would be nice (laughs), but I was also open to General Manager and other management roles in general. In terms of company type, I felt most comfortable with suppliers and distributors, but I also didn’t want to exclude other company types, for example healthcare providers.

All in all, I was keen to find a position and a company that would enable me to contribute in a meaningful way and provide valuable solutions to customers.”

First, the Candidate who had already left his previous job to focus on the search for his next career step, used his network and several agencies to explore the market. That’s when his phone rang suddenly.

Simon was of great help throughout the whole time. He was extremely transparent and made sure that I got all the information I needed to make the right decision.

“I had known Simon (Associate Vice President – Healthcare & Medical, Boyd & Moore Executive Search) for around 5 years. I think he had first found me on LinkedIn and got in touch to introduce me to one of his clients. Back then I was rather busy and it wasn’t the right timing for me. However, we met anyway some months later and have kept in touch since.

When he called me this time, his timing was more than perfect. I hadn’t officially announced that I had left my company, so I was really surprised when he contacted me and told me about a highly interesting role with a major Healthcare player he was working on. I got hooked immediately and met with Simon to learn more about the details.”

The role required a change agent who wouldn’t be afraid to roll up his or her sleeves to transform an entire business unit and make difficult decisions if necessary.

“It was a new field for me, so I wasn’t quite sure how much of a challenge this would be for me. But going through the application process I felt that it might be a great opportunity.

Simon was of great help throughout the whole time. He was extremely transparent and made sure that I got all the information I needed to make the right decision. You know, this role wasn’t the only one I was interviewing for. I had other opportunities coming up at the same time, so it was crucial for me to have a clear understanding of the expectations towards me, the conditions of the offer as well as the schedule of the application process. Simon really did a great job in keeping me on top of everything. Thanks to him I eventually made the right choice.”

Being asked what he wants BMES to improve, the Candidate thinks for a moment and laughs.

“I really want to give some harsh feedback, but I can’t. The process was smooth and pleasant. I have nothing to complain about.

That’s why I would recommend BMES anytime. In fact, I already did (laughs)! Simon has already met one of my referrals.

If you’re looking for a new challenge or for great talent, BMES is the right partner. They take care of everything. I look forward to continuing working with them not only as a candidate but also as a hiring manager. “

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