Privacy Policy

Boyd & Moore Executive Search (BMES) is committed to protecting your personal information. Data you provide will help us determine what opportunities are most suitable to your career and industry experience. BMES will not share information with any of our clients without your permission. As a company, BMES observes your country’s data protection laws, handles personal information with sensitivity, and maintains stringent checks on the storing of such data.

Collection and Use of Personal Information
When BMES collects personal information, we do so only to the extent necessary for the achievement of our business purpose. BMES observes all rules related to the storing of such data in relation to laws and ordinances about the handling of personal information.

Management of Personal Information
BMES performs every reasonable and achievable step through training systems and complex security technology to prevent outside access, loss, destruction, manipulation and distribution to unauthorized third parties of any personal information.

Protection of Personal Information
BMES will never offer any personal information to a third party without the specific agreement of the related individual. With regards to personal information received, the provider shall have processing authority as they see fit. When any person requests that we no longer store personal data, we shall comply with their request and will be happy to maintain communication via telephone for security protection, should the person wish to.

Risk Prevention to Personal Information and Correction
BMES regularly reviews its compliance programs to ensure that adequate protection for personal information is maintained. Improvements to these programs are continuously made.

Boyd & Moore Executive Search, 2018