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    Security tech firm needed 2 country leaders for their Asia operation

    The Client

    A private US-based security technology company was looking for 2 Country Managers in region, one for ANZ and the other for India.

    The Challenge

    The client had very high expectations, wished to conserve budget, and had a need to keep the searches confidential, as both were replacements. They were looking for excellent security sector experience, US company experience, and a track record of consistent revenue growth in a very crowded sector.

    He or she also needed to be based or willing to be based in specific locations within the countries of coverage.

    The client also had a reputation for being relatively old technology. We knew that our market coverage would need to be very thorough to ensure our pool was large enough to identify enough candidates who were both qualified, interested, and within budget.

    Our Solution

    BMES did thorough research looking for companies in the security and network space who had operations in Asia Pacific. We then offered the client a chance to add further companies if they had ideas.

    We next gave an overview of the talent available in the each market as well as the cultural challenges that we were facing in terms of each hire.

    Our team researched potential candidates via the following:

    1. our network
    2. the network of our network
    3. online sources
    4. calling into each of the remaining target companies where we did not have coverage

    Throughout the course of the search we provided weekly reports by which we could demonstrate to the client exactly who we were approaching in the market along with the feedback/status of each candidate spoken to. By doing this we could effectively recalibrate our parameters in real-time based on market feedback, limitations, and opportunities.

    We continued going back to market to uncover less visible candidates to keep the pool stocked. Because of this the client was able to avoid making compromises on their requirements despite delays in the search process due to their own constraints.

    In the end, the client successfully on-boarded their preferred candidate for each market, and expressed gratitude for how the search was conducted.

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