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    High-quality leadership assessments are an effective tool for measuring skills, competencies, motivations, and behavioural predispositions.

    Their results can be used to provide insightful perspective to promote strategic self-awareness, as well as supporting decision making and bench-marking to drive internal development programs.

    Results can be leveraged to inform onboarding strategy for executive talent and promote optimal team integration.

    Assessments are characterised by a series of questions and criteria that identify the following:

    How an individual relates to others when they are at their best, including insights into how how they work, lead and communicate with those around them.

    Qualities that are most likely to emerge in times of increased strain. With awareness of such tendencies, performance risks can be recognised and mitigated.

    The core values and interests driving what a leader strives to accomplish. This helps you recognise what motivates a candidate to succeed, as well as to what type of position and environment they are best suited.

    Cognitive reasoning and an individual’s ability to evaluate information, problem-solve, make informed decisions, and avoid repeating past mistakes.

    Types of Assessments


    • Hogan Personality (HPI)
    • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
    • Hogan Motives, Values & Preferences Inventory (MVPI


    • Hogan Leader Focus Assessment


    • Business Motivations
    • Decision Making Styles
    • Inclinations towards critical business activities
    • Heat Map of role preferences


    • Predictive role profiling for leaders as members of high-performing teams

    Assessment Samples

    Case Study


    A global medical device company has made an external hire for a new Japan Country Manager.

    The candidate stepping into the position is coming from a commercial leadership role.

    The client has requested a Full Hogan assessment to identify whether there are any areas that require special attention as they transition the candidate into the role. They have concerns about whether the candidate is people oriented enough and will adapt well into this key position, integrating into the team quickly and effectively

    The Hogan assessment results show that the candidate is highly proactive and results-driven with a likely inclination towards taking rapid action when it comes to implementing business decisions. Results also demonstrate a lack of inclination towards communicating and consulting with their team on key decisions before rapidly moving forward.


    Structured coaching around the development of strategies to actively involve the team in the implementation of key business decisions to mitigate any potential miscommunication or risk.

    Our Preferred Partners

    Boyd and Moore Executive Search has partnered with Kay Group, a leadership development and organizational consulting company based in Tokyo. The engaging coaches, trainers and facilitators bring relevant industry, leadership and international experience to their services, addressing workplace performance solutions with a variety of effective methods. 

    Axel Wellbrock

    Kay Group Founder and CEO

    Executive Coach, Facilitator, Assessor

    Formerly: Executive at AstraZeneca, Elly Lilly, Bayer and Boehringer Ingelheim

    Expertise: Leadership, Team and Organizational Effectiveness

    Karin Wellbrock

    Kay Group Partner

    Executive Coach (PCC), Assessor

    Formerly: Deloitte Consulting, NEC, UNESCO

    Expertise: Leadership, Team and Organizational Development

    Kato Kanji

    Kay Group Senior Director

    Facilitator, Trainer, Assessor

    Formerly: AstraZeneca

    Expertise: Marketing, Sales, Performance Management


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