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    Software solutions firm needed a VP to drive new key business unit

    The Client

    The client is the newly created IT software solutions business unit of a major computer manufacturer. They had recently brought together several software firms by acquisition and needed someone capable of organizing and leading it.

    The Challenge

    When the client approached us, they had been unsuccessfully conducting the search via several agencies.

    They required a candidate capable of taking over leadership of a key business unit they needed to succeed as part of their business transformation. This business was to be a key component of the company’s evolution into a full solutions provider to major enterprises.

    They required an exceptional business leader with the capability to double the size and triple the revenues of the business over the next three years. He would need to redesign their partnering strategy and be a hands on leader with mentoring and coaching skills. He would also need to build and transform its business culture.

    The role itself did not have strong appeal for most top-tier candidates since the client organization was at that time not perceived as dynamic.

    The client asked us to take over the search on a retained basis.

    Our Solution

    Ironically, the candidate we placed into the role had been approached by another firm in the earliest stages of the client’s search. He had declined to consider the opportunity due to the client’s reputation and the candidate’s preference for a newer technology.

    Although we were able to bring together a shortlist of several of the top leaders in the industry, this candidate was clearly the person best positioned to make the hard decisions and drive the change required within the organization. There were some serious competing interests throughout the organization, and he had succeeded in a very similar situation in the past. Because of the trust we had developed with the candidate over years of working with him, he agreed to reconsider the opportunity and shortly after agreed to meet with the client.

    Although the company’s technology was not cutting edge, there were various challenges intrinsic to the role that became more exciting to him throughout the process.

    The client was extremely enthusiastic about the chance to bring someone of this caliber on board, and in the end were able to do so.

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