Sunita Nair Transitions in to New Role as Managing Director, APAC

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    We are excited and proud to announce the transition of Sunita Nair from Country Manager of BMES’ India entity, to Managing Director of Asia Pacific (APAC).

    We sat down with Sunita to discuss her plans and goals for BMES’ APAC operations and capabilities, and how she hopes to leverage her wealth of experience in executive search and at BMES to ensure success in this new journey. 

      Can you please share some insights into your journey with BMES and how it has shaped your career up to this point?

    I commenced my career with BMES in 2016, with the primary goal of expanding the organization’s presence in India. The journey has been both exhilarating and challenging, especially in the task of establishing our brand in a mature market. However, with the unwavering support of my exceptional team, we have successfully achieved every set goal. In 2021, I assumed the role of Managing Director for India, and I am now honored to take on the position of Managing Director for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.


    That’s very impressive! Can you highlight any specific moments or milestones in your journey that have significantly influenced and developed your leadership skills at BMES?

    Certainly! One of the most testing periods for leadership skills worldwide was during the COVID-19 pandemic, which was also the case for me. Navigating through this challenging time deepened my understanding of the problems faced by both the team and organizations, guiding my actions in a more informed direction. Another impactful moment was when the India entity became the most profitable last year. This success has not only shaped my leadership approach but has also fostered a deep sense of gratitude towards my team for their trust and support.

      It’s clear you value your team greatly. What principles and values guide your leadership style at BMES?

    Absolutely. The success of any organization hinges on the strength of its team. I firmly believe in empowering my team by providing opportunities and trust, fostering a sense of responsibility and enabling them to shine. Leading by example is another motto I adhere to.

    What long-term goals do you have for BMES?

    My aspiration is to elevate BMES to the position of Asia’s premier Retained Executive Search & HR Consulting Organization and establish a global presence in the western markets. I aim to provide our clients with the best services, positioning BMES as a globally renowned organization.

      How would you describe BMES as an organization today?

    BMES is a robust and adept company dedicated to delivering high-quality services to our clients. We operate across multiple countries in Asia, competing with leading firms while maintaining humility. As an organization, we are committed to continuous improvement and strive to better ourselves each day.

    Are you anticipating any challenges in your new role?

    With BMES expanding in recent years, nurturing and guiding our offices in Korea and Australia, still in their early stages, will be a key focus. Additionally, enhancing our representation on international platforms to showcase our achievements and capabilities better is another area of emphasis.

    The transition from MD India to MD APAC – was it unexpected or a move you were somewhat expecting?

    It was a planned decision set to commence in 2024, so I was mentally prepared for the role. The tremendous support and encouragement from Tony and Jonas facilitated a smooth transition. Although the plans were initially for 2024, Jonas’s enthusiasm accelerated our timeline. I feel ready for this role.

    Where do you envision BMES five years from now?

    In five years, I see BMES as the leading HR consulting organization in Asia, with a strong presence in every country. My vision is for BMES to be the ideal partner for our clients, working collaboratively to meet their needs and provide top-notch services, leaving a lasting global imprint.

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