Recommendation - ALSTOM K. K.


To whom it may concern:

A quick note of appreciation for th BMES who have done an excellent job supporting our hiring needs at ALSTOM KK.

In searching for a Finance VP, BMES has been the key partner. BMES have consistently tackled difficult searches for me and worked relentlessly. At ALSTOM, we are particularly ruthless in our search for top talent, and we are probably not the easiest firm to please (in fact a few of headhunters gave up on the search). BMES has been able to keep up with our demands with superb professionalism.

Rather than just throwing resumes at us as many recruiters do, BMES have taken the time to follow up and understood our needs. They were very pleasant, efficient and extremely professional throughout the hiring process. We are very satisfied with their approach.

I am happy to recommend BMES.

Best regards,

Keiko Kobayashi
Country HR Manager