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    Urgency & discretion required: network tech firm needed to replace their regional VP

    The Client

    The Client is a publicly listed US-based technology company in the networking space. They required a stellar but young VP with a track record of executing large deals in the Service Provider market.

    The Challenge

    The Client assigned us with a sensitive search requiring the replacement of their Regional VP. The incumbent VP had both a volatile personality and a negative reputation in the industry, which ultimately reflected poorly on the Client in the region.

    There were very few candidates who didn’t already have a poor view of the Client and would therefore not have interest in being approached for the role. In addition, the Client was highly focused on maintaining confidentiality of the assignment. They were worried that if the incumbent learned of the search, he could potentially make things difficult for the company with partners and end users.

    Successfully maintaining this confidentiality was made more difficult due to the relatively interconnected nature of the industry and its members.

    Our Solution

    Though well-experienced in this technology area, we mapped the regional market to ensure we were not missing any potential viable candidates. To maintain maximum discretion during the go-to-market part of the process, we utilized NDAs with each candidate before revealing the Client’s name. This approach enabled us to more effectively control and minimize market knowledge of the search, increase curiosity in the role, and positively frame the candidate’s view of our Client and the role in person.

    By helping candidates see the full context of the situation, candidates were better able to see the major upside the company and position represented. In the end we gave the Client a choice of three candidates fully fitting their ideal profile: young, smart, hungry, and with the requisite end-user relationships in the Service Provider market.

    More importantly, we enabled the Client to effect a smooth transition of leadership bringing on their #1 candidate without disrupting the regional team or Client base. With minimal pipeline, the candidate himself was able to institute a major turnaround of the operation.

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