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    US-based consulting firm needed competitive insight into regional healthcare market

    The Client

    The client is a US-based consulting firm that needed better understanding of the competitors to their healthcare practice. They asked us to perform the research necessary to determine whether the talent required for their growth in this area existed in the market.

    The Challenge

    The client felt their Hospital Management practice offered a unique solution to the market and had big plans for expanding it.

    They wished to evaluate the market and determine if there was a Senior Principal-caliber individual capable of building out this practice. Since most health-care consulting businesses focus on Pharma rather than Healthcare Management, it was entirely possible that what they required did not exist in the region.

    Our Solution

    Our research team built a list of approximately 50 companies in the region and within each identified the senior practice leader as well as the individuals reporting to the practice leaders. We spoke to 120 people and presented 5 candidates to meet and from whom the client could draw assessments and greater understanding of the market.

    From these meetings the client was able to conclude that the market was thoroughly covered, and a) the market did not contain an individual with their required profile, and b) a promote-from-within strategy was their best option to further grow out their hospital management practice.

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