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    TOKYO, November 11 – Boyd & Moore Executive Search (BMES) Co-founder and General Manager Tony Moore met with top executives of TechnoPro Holdings and other TechnoPro group companies to explore ways to provide further value to clients struggling with talent acquisition and management in APAC.

    To achieve its mission of becoming a truly “global human resource services company with technology at its core”, TechnoPro, BMES’ main shareholder and Japan’s top engineering staffing service provider, is strongly focusing on creating and elevating synergies between its various group companies. On November 11, Yasuji Nishio, President, Representative Director & CEO of TechnoPro Holdings, invited the management of 5 of its group companies to the first “Global President Conference” held in Tokyo. In addition to BMES’ GM, representatives from Helius, a Singapore-based provider of staffing and office solutions for tech teams, Orion, a UK born recruitment consultancy as well as Technopro China and India, both local arms of TechnoPro, attended the session.

    “It was a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other and figure out what we can do together to provide even better solutions to the market, not only here in APAC but globally,” says Tony. “We are all trying to support our client’s growing talent needs. But at the same time, we are all working on different parts of the puzzle and have different approaches which makes us perfect partners and opens up countless ways to collaborate and work on new services together. It’s exactly what we hoped the collaboration with Technopro would enable us to do.”

    About Technopro Holdings 

    TechnoPro Group is Japan’s largest technology-focused staffing and service company. With more than 20,000 engineers and researchers, it has developed strong partnerships with major global companies, university laboratories, and public research organizations. Since its foundation in 2012 it has been TechnoPro’s role to be the fastest at providing clients with the best technical services to help weather any market shifts. In addition, TechnoPro has set out to help engineers and researchers realize their dreams, to provide clients with high-quality services that surpass their expectations, and to contribute to a better society for all each of its stakeholder groups—employees, clients, and the public. In doing so, they hope to contribute to the creation of a prosperous future through the power of technology.

    About Helius

    Established in 2006 in Singapore – and now a part of the $3 bn TechnoPro Group, Japan – Helius has partnered and supported leading companies across diverse industries including Banking and Finance services, Manufacturing, Logistics and Healthcare in the strategy, planning, deployment and management of business-critical infrastructure and software systems. Apart from its strong internal IT systems that deliver large scale staffing services programs and dedicated secure offices that house technology teams, Helius’ strength also lies in its understanding of cultural and language-specific landscapes in the ASEAN region. Since its inception, Helius has expanded its operations from Singapore to Japan, India, Malaysia and Thailand.

    About Orion Electrotech 

    Orion is an award-winning recruitment consultancy with over 20 years of experience in the market. Operating from 2 UK based offices, their recruitment consultants maintain specialist industry knowledge of the Engineering, Gas, Manufacturing and Construction market sectors. Utilising Orion’s extensive resources, the company is able to consistently source high demand candidates, fulfilling their client’s needs and giving unbiased honest career advice and guidance to candidates. On October 10, 2018, TechnoPro Holdings, Inc. acquired 60% of the shares of Orion Electrotech Ltd and welcomed the company into the broader TechnoPro family.

    TechnoPro India (TPRI)

    TechnoPro India is the Indian arm of TechnoPro with centers in Hyderabad and Pune and headed by Jayant Kumar. Recently the company announced that it will set up a Global Delivery and Technical Innovation Center hiring 10,000 engineers and researchers by 2022. The new center will provide not only staffing solutions for technology and industrial industries but also R&D and engineering services in the hardware, digital and mechanical space.

    About BMES

    Boyd & Moore Executive Search is a talent and leadership solutions firm helping multinational businesses looking to enter, or scale, or even repair their businesses in APAC. Our primary focus is on executive-level or mission-critical hires but we offer a range of solutions beyond that. To identify and attract the right talent for our clients, we rely on our Intelligence Center (BMIC) comprised of 100 voice and data researchers who are solely focused on creating comprehensive market maps based on real-time market mapping. Thanks to this data-driven approach combined with comprehensive consulting we have been able to successfully place over 250 business leaders in the past 5 years throughout the region.

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