As a talent & leadership services provider it is rather easy for us to drive sustainability across our own operation – be it through offsetting our carbon footprint from travel or making offices paperless to name just a few. But that’s not all! To further support sustainable activities in the region, Boyd & Moore has partnered with green innovator Henkel as well as social enterprise Plastic Bank helping both organizations attract and retain the best talent and leadership.

    To read the full article about how Boyd & Moore, Henkel and Plastic Bank work together towards making Asia’s landscape plastic-waste-free by the Singaporean-German Chamber, please click on below image to enhance:

    Access the full magazine about Sustainable Growth by the Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce here.

    About Plastic Bank

    Plastic Bank revolutionizes the world’s recycling systems to create a regenerative, inclusive, and circular plastic economy. By building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities, and reprocess the materials for reintroduction into the global manufacturing supply chain Plastic Bank empowers local workers, reduces plastic waste and creates a closed-loop supply chain.

    About Henkel

    Henkel is a German chemical and consumer goods company. The company holds leading positions with its three business units in both industrial and consumer businesses thanks to strong brands, innovations and technologies. As the first major global consumer goods company to partner with Plastic Bank, Henkel is leading their industry by shaping new standards. Since the beginning of their partnership, Henkel has helped to collect over 750,000 kg of plastic waste through its ecosystem in Haiti, preventing over 37.5 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean (see below for most recent impact metrics).

    About BMES

    Boyd & Moore Executive Search is a talent and leadership solutions firm helping multinational businesses looking to enter, or scale, or even repair their businesses in APAC. Our primary focus is on executive-level or mission-critical hires but we offer a range of solutions beyond that. To identify and attract the right talent for our clients, we rely on our Intelligence Center (BMIC) comprised of 100 voice and data researchers who are solely focused on creating comprehensive market maps based on real-time market mapping. Thanks to this data-driven approach combined with comprehensive consulting we have been able to successfully place over 250 business leaders in the past 5 years throughout the region.

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